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Ragdoll Breeders in MA – Sunnybrook Ragdolls

Ragdoll breeders in MA, Sunnybrook Ragdolls is located in the picturesque, rural town of Rutland, Massachusetts.  I live on a 1 and 1/2 acre parcel of land with my family, golden retriever and of course my Ragdoll cats and kittens.

My Ragdoll cattery is small and personable. Most of the time my Ragdolls enjoy the run of my house.  They enjoy lounging on cat trees, playing with toys, sitting with my golden retriever, and just being with the family.  I absolutely enjoy every one of my Ragdoll cats and kittens.  They are given constant love and attention.  They are very well socialized.

RW SGC Sunnybrook Polar Express
RW SGC Sunnybrook Polar Express

RW SGC Sunnybrook Polar Express

Sire: Simba / Dam: Annabelle

  • TICA’s BEST Ragdoll of the Year in the Northeast Region
  • 5th Best Longhair of the Year
  • 13th Best Cat of the Year in the Northeast Region
  • Best Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Mitted of the Year NE Region
  • Best Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Mitted of the Year Internationally

Polar has had an angel riding with him as he was a c-section singleton! Many thanks to Doctor Friend of Holden Veterinary Clinic as without her he would not have been here. She never gave up on him!!

Like all reputable Ragdoll breeders in MA, My primary goal is to produce strong, healthy Ragdoll kittens with sweet dispositions that everyone can enjoy. With the recent discovery of the gene that causes Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in some Ragdoll lines, my foundation breeders have all been tested and come from HCM negative lines or have both parents that are HCM negative.

I have three very special people to thank for my foundation breeding Ragdoll cats. Linda Buxton of Buxtonsgadoo, Sandy Wooster of Ragangels, and Tina Plourde of Maplesugarrags. My foundation breeders still reside with me and are all in outstanding health. I have truly been very fortunate!

I hope that you enjoy your visit to my “online cattery” as you learn more about the Ragdoll cat breed, and meet the wonderful Ragdolls that are such an important part of my family.

I know you have plenty of choices when it comes to Ragdoll breeders in MA. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of adding a Sunnybrook Ragdoll kitten (or two!) to your family, please call me at 508-886-6973 or contact me by email. I’ll be happy to help you decide if this is the right choice for you, and in choosing the purr-fect Sunnybrook Ragdoll kitten to add many years of love, joy, laughter and companionship to your home and family.

While I do not ship my Ragdoll kittens, I am located within a reasonable drive of Boston, Pittsburgh, PA, New York City, Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, NY,  Newark, New Jersey, Montreal, Canada, and other major Northeast centers.

Thanks for dropping by!

Denise Celona

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