Sunnybrook Ragdolls

Denise Celona
Rutland, MA
Ph: 508-886-6973
[email protected]


Buxtonsgardoo Mocha Madness

  • CFF Champion
  • Tested HCM negative via WSU

He is affectionately called Moki. Moki is the heart and soul of my cattery. He is turning 6 years old and within his 6 generation pedigree are some of the original ragdolls such as Hoosier Little Boy, Ragtime Merry Miss, Sugarpaw Jack Frost and Sugarpaw Bit O Honey. His hair is plush, not too long and not too short. His blue eyes are vibrant and he maintains a very traditional appearance. He has a temperament to die for…SWEET SWEET boy! This is clearly seen in his offspring as people have witnessed in the show ring.

Moki’s blood is running through most of my ragdolls including QGC Sunnybrook Romeo, QGC Sunnybrook Leonardo, CH Sunnybrook Bridgett, CH Sunnybrook Lilly, CFF CH Sunnybrook Angel Rosalie and GC Sunnybrook Lionel.

Moki has become a great great grandfather this year and enjoying it!!

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