Sunnybrook Ragdolls

Denise Celona
Rutland, MA
Ph: 508-886-6973
[email protected]


Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Rag Angels Sweet Noel of SunnibrookRegional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Ragangels Sweet Noel of Sunnybrook
  • Noel is now a two times regional winner and Supreme Grand Champion
  • 20th Best Longhair Cat 2007-2008 in the Northeast Region

Noel is the mother of  2008-2009 Northeast Regional Winner RW QGC Sunnybrook Babe and RW QGC Sunnybrook Jinglebells.  She has drop dead gorgeous blue eyes, sweet girl and gets along with every cat in the house.  Little Miss Happy Go Lucky! Food is quite high on her list of priorities.

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